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Main features


In this Section you found Guides for the Work with Docker.You can read here how you can work with Docker in Pisi Linux.


With these Guides you have a complete overview how you can build Pisi Packages. You have here Introducings for the pspec.xml and the These Guides are make for Pardus but you can work with it in Pisi Linux.


This section gives you a view about the releases from Pisi Linux.


This section gives you a description about the unique Technology from Pisi Linux. As example Comar, Pisi, Kaptan... all Projects have a description for what they are.


Here a view from the Pisi Linux Team Members and what they are doing


Guidelines for the Artwork with Pisi Linux. In this section you found the Artwork Guide, with a colour table and the Logo from Pisi Linux

Contribute Pisi Linux

Guidelines for the contribution for Pisi Linux, as example first GitHub setup and much more.

Learn with Pisi Linux

A lot of stuff around Pisi Linux, as first section Python, take a look at it the work still goes on.

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