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What is Pisi Linux?

Pisi Linux is an open source, freely distributable, GPL (General Public License) licensed user-friendly GNU/Linux distribution with many usability, hardware compatibility, stability and security enhancements.

Pisi Linux officially supports 14 languages as example: Turkish, English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Swedish, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese.

You will support the Pisi Linux Team?

Pisi Linux is always looking for people who can help with the work on Pisi Linux. The work is a pure leisure work. We all like the work with other people, and to help other People. So when you like Pisi Linux, and Teamwork, and you have fun on Testing and writing, or you speak an other Language and will Translate something, then you are on the right place here. The Pisi Team has all Times different work to offer, which could arouse your interest. You can see the work with the Pisi Linux Project is never boring, she is very varied and diverse and make fun too.

What must i do to support the Pisi Linux Team?

You feel attracted now and say that is exactly the right for me, then read on how you can get in contact with us:
  • At the first need you for the work with Pisi Linux a GitHub account, you can create an account on https://github.com/ it is free.
  • For the next step go to the IRC Freenode on #pisi-devel and speak with yusuf or obsoleteman.
  • A please to all helpers write an E-Mail with an Introducing of yourself and send it to admin@pisilinux.org so know we who will help us.
  • As last step can you read here GitHub Setup how you must setup the GitHub for the work.

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